Rennie Mackintosh style Lattice Clocks

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Large Lattice Clock


This large lattice wall clock was based on the clock Rennie Mackintosh designed for the hall in The Hill House in Helensburgh.

The clock is constructed in solid wood throughout with dowel joints and glued butt joints in the construction of the lattice work. The example in this photograph uses oak, but it can also be made in ash, teak, mahogany or American Black Walnut to suit your tastes.

The face is machined from plastic laminate and the clock mechanisms use ready made quartz movements.

Dimensions are 470 x 250 mm

Price £170 includes postage and packing

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Ruby Wedding Large Lattice Clock with Rennie Mackintosh rose inspired painted face

Price £170 includes postage and packing

This clock was a commission I did based on the Rennie Mackintosh Large Lattice clock above. The lady who ordered it wanted it as a gift for her parent’s Ruby Wedding and asked if it would be possible to incorporate the Mackintosh rose motif. This was my solution which incorporates both the Mackintosh fonts and the rose motif into the face, It was painted in watercolour and put behind glass to protect it.

Dimensions are 470 x 250 mm

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Smaller Mackintosh inspired Lattice Clocks


This is a smaller version of the  lattice wall clock designed in the Rennie Mackintosh style.

The two clocks in the photographs are machined from solid wood with a quartz movement.

One is made in black painted ash, and the other shows the same clock in oak with walnut behind the lattice to provide a contrast.

Dimensions 330 x 170 mm

Price £60 includes postage and packing

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Thank you Alan