All of the following clocks have an insert face and a quartz mechanism.

This larger Rennie Mackintosh Style Mantle Clock is made in oak with a pattern of Ebony pegs. The insert face is in gold with Arabic numerals.

Dimensions 250mm x 250mm x 100mm

Price £85 includes postage and packing


This Arts and Crafts style mantle clock has a white insert face with Arabic numerals. It is more tapered at the top and has the four ebony pegs design.

Dimensions :- 230 X 170 mm

Price £75 includes postage and packing

Other versions of the insert mantle clock showing variations of faces, woods and peg arrangements.

Please note:- The older versions of the clocks with the Roman numeral inserts are now discontinued. I can still make any of the variations with the Arabic numerals.

This variation shows the gold face with Roman numerals and four ebony pegs.

This Face Discontinued

This variation shows the same four ebony pegs but with the white Arabic face

1 In Stock

This variation shows two ebony pegs above the gold Roman numerals face.


This Face Discontinued

This shows five ebony pegs along the base with the gold Roman numerals and it is also a slightly taller version at 275 X 170 mm

This Face Discontinued