Krenov Style Mantle Clock

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James Krenov was a world famous cabinet maker whose work I greatly admired. He has now sadly died but he has influenced my work and here is my first Krenov style mantle clock which follows the lines and sculpting he used in his cabinets. I am sure more Krenov style clocks and boxes will follow as I study his books in more depth.

This photograph shows the clock made in oak, but I can also make them in ash, American black, walnut, teak and mahogany.

This is a side view of the Krenov style clock showing the curving on the ends. This is what it looks like made from teak.

Dimensions :- 280 x 180 x 90mm

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Art Deco Style Wall Clock

This square wall clock was inspired by the Art Deco clock at the BBC.

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This wall clock was commissioned by someone who worked for the BBC. They sent me a photo of the actual clock at the BBC and asked if I could translate it into a version for their home.

This one has a laminate face but any future clocks in a similar design would have a high quality giclée printed face behind glass.

Dimensions :- 320 x 320 mm

Price £60 includes postage and packing